Corporate Social Responsibility

At BlueMed, we believe it is our responsibility to not only provide quality healthcare, but to give back to our communities. Our philanthropic programs are built upon our cultural values of compassion, trust and responsiveness. They continue to evolve and grow as we encourage our team members to participate as much as possible.

Our corporate giving efforts include co-managing the Youserya Sawiris Foundation Medical Center located in the Torah area. The foundation focuses on providing healthcare, education and community awareness to the underprivileged in a neglected Cairo neighborhood. Working closely with the foundation, we helped treat over 18,000 patients in the past year by developing nine outpatient specialty clinics and a department for minor surgeries. We helped in educating an entire community of 3,000 families in infection control, family planning and community integration. We also introduced psychiatric counseling to the community, despite their initial resistance.

Aligned with our core belief that health provision should be focused on healthcare not sick-care, we helped introduce a Hepatitis C community awareness and prevention program. Our endeavor was a major success, as we managed to reduce Hep. C infection rates. More importantly, the program provided the foundation's outreach team with an easy opportunity to connect to local families; solving their previous accessibility and patient out-reach issues.


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